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Are you passionate about new technologies and have great ideas about hardware, software or design? Do you dream of working with people who push you to do better? If yes, then Summer is the place where you’re free to drive your professional destiny.



We are passionate about new technologies.



We help to develop the competencies and potential
of our employees.


Never stop

Together, we’re committed to improve lives of every people being. To achieve that essential goals we are constantly pushing towards boost our skills and expand our knowledge. If you have any question marks, let them find an answers — we belive that every single word can uncover hidden path.


That's a common knowledge that keeping movement is a key to health lives. We like to live well balanced life and we want to ensure same mind and body set for you.

Private medical

Health insurance can covered you for any ups, downs and in-between. The package can be adapted to suit your needs.

Cool office

Nowadays, the office may vary on your needs. Our stationary place is in the center of Cracow. You are welcome to visit us and decide what type of workspace suits you best.


This term is very broad and we are happy to take from it as much as we can. So, we will be delighted to make space for your favourites to share with our team.

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